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In the spirit of “Open-Source Hardware“, I have just posted the bill of materials (BOM) for the Arduemetry and XBee GPS PCB assemblies.  This information, along with the schematics, Eagle CAD files, Gerber files, and sample firmware, can be found on the main Arduemetry Project Page.  When I went to assemble the V2.0 board, I realized that I had to order a few more components since I was missing some.  I figured since I was updating the BOM for myself, I might as well share it.  Please provide any comments if errors or omissions are found.

I did not include any pricing information because it can be volatile and will also depend on volume price breaks.  However, I will say that the entire V2.0 assembly (bare fabricated PCB and soldered components) costs about $40 – this would be cheaper, probably by 20%, if I were able to take advantage of high quantity component price breaks.  The XBee GPS module comes out to about the same cost with the receiver being 95% of the total. Once I get everything built and tested, and  if there is enough interest, I might be inclined to offer these boards for sale and take pre-orders so I could buy components in bulk to reduce cost/price.  Let me know if you want one!  You could make a really nice (and really small!) high-altitude balloon tracker payload with these two assemblies plus a GPS antenna ($10), the MX146LV radio ($70), a LiPo battery (<$10), and a 144MHz antenna ($10) – total ~$180.