So if you hadn’t heard, there was a Kickstarter project called HexBright. Check it out or see the main website for more info. I pre-ordered one because I thought the idea of a super bright flashlight built on open-source hardware was too good to pass up. Well it came this week and it lives up to my expectations.  I’ve included some pictures below and also check out my GitHub repository where I’m keeping my software modifications.

Laen at OSH Park has started stocking limited quantities of bare ColorNode V1.0 PCBs at the OSH Park Store. If you don’t want/need to buy in quantities of 3, you can order single PCBs from the store. Many people have asked about buying built boards or kits – I’m not selling them at this time but the following components lists can help those who want to build ColorNode assemblies.  Most of the components can be found at the Modern Device Shop (first image).  Additional components, or different price breaks, can be had at places like Newark (second image).  Finally, if you haven’t used the OSH Park site, here’s what it looks like when you upload a .brd file from the .zip files (ColorNodeV1.0, ColorNodeV1.1) on the ColorNode page (third image).