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  1. How many strings do you think you could run wireless set up with color node PCBs installed

  2. I have 6 running on my house right now. The RF12 library supports about 30 nodes per wireless group. I haven’t looked into the groups too much, but you could theoretically have several groups each with 30 nodes. My payload structure also has the destination address in it and it is limited to 255 nodes. I use a combination of broadcast and direct addressing, but remember that all nodes (if within range) will receive all the RF signals so they need to be programmed to either act on it or ignore it. Synchronizing many nodes is totally possible but there will be times when one or more does not properly receive the RF payload packets and gets out of sync.

  3. Paul –

    How do you handle broadcasting (serial monitor) to multiple light strings of varying lengths and still manage to keep them in sync? For example, I have 50 ct strings, 36 ct icicles, a Christmas tree, & snowflake and would like to broadcast a predefined program (i.e. mode 1) to all nodes. So I’m broadcasting the following “1,0,49,15,15,15,100,3,1000,255 l”. All colornodes receive the broadcast and change to the predefined program, however the 36 count light strings quickly get out of sync with the 50 count etc…

    I noticed this wasn’t an issue in your video… please advise.


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