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  1. Larger plastic works better to avoid issues with stakes. Fleet Farm sells 40’x100′ rolls of plastic (white on one side, black on the other). The white side up is the way to go, black gets too hot, and you definitely want to avoid clear because it will fry your grass in about 10 minutes. I have set several of these up, the largest was 40′ wide x 300′ long. The biggest issues are having enough water, and getting it set up right to start with. Regardless of size of plastic your using, you want to use a 2×4 at the top of the slide with concrete stakes to hold it in place all day and avoid tearing up the plastic. Drill holes through the 2×4 the size of the concrete stakes, then roll the 2×4 up in the plastic from the bottom 3-4 times, then drive the stakes through the plastic/2×4 into the ground. Be sure you have the plastic stretched out and pointed in the correct direction before driving in the stakes. You can also then attach a sprinkler manifold to the 2×4 at the top of the water slide, so long as you have enough water at the top, you don’t need sprinklers along the way.

  2. hello
    I’m italian, i want to ask if is possible to ship in italy 30 m of # Roll of heavy-duty plastic to italy ??
    ill wait your answer
    best regards

  3. Eric,
    I’m on fleet farm website and can’t find the plastic you are talking about
    Do you a product name or item number?


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  5. Hi Vitorrio,
    I’m sure you can get it in Italy. You will need to go to a farm supply store and ask for a silage cover.It goes over silage pits that have grass under it for feed for farm animals. If you have a slope not so steep or even flat use dishwashing liquid HEHE very cool. For bigger kids and birthdays we attach a bungee rope aroung a belt attached to the child. You will need an adult to hold the other end tight put a treat at the other end of the plastic and see if they can reach it we call it horizontal bungee,beaware they come back fast works real well with dishwashing liquid:)

  6. Holy smokes. I found that white sided plastic. @Joe search for “AT. Films Silage Cover”. But it’s $194 for 100 feet. Ouch.

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  8. awesome, i will have a great labor day weekend with this! thanks… my kids 8, and 6 and all others in the family will have so much fun.

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  14. Amazon.com has a lot of 6 mil plastic sheathing in various sizes/lengths. That would be the most economical and convenient way to get what you need. Thanks for the detailed tutorial. I like the idea about the 2×4 and yard stakes at the top of the slide to keep it from moving.

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  20. I’d love to set something like this up, but where we are the ground is HARD and bumpy…. no grass to speak of, just lots of random weeds, those gum balls from sweet gum trees (ouch!), and the occasional sticker!!! I’m wondering how we could do something like this with some sort of foam bottom on it. When my kids make 1 run on a slip-n-slide at our place, they’re done — all bumped and bruised…. any suggestions??

  21. The camp my kid goes to has a giant homemade slip and slip, and they use tubes (the cheap ones for the swimming pool) for the kids to catapult themselves down the slide. I think it helps w/the rocks, etc. Also, add baby shampoo or wash for more slippage (not dishsoap as that burns).

  22. Hi,

    I was wondering if a tarp would work? Also does anyone have any ideas for water activities for twins age 2? Thanks!

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  24. Instead of dishwashing liquid we used baby shampoo!! Didn’t hurt if they got it in their eyes and the generic worked great!!

  25. For hard bumpy ground, I bet you could buy some cheap insulation panels or go under the plastic. They wouldn’t have to be that thick. Remove large rocks first. It may be too narrow but you might could cut them down the middle to double the length.

  26. I would think that riding the slide on an inner tube would help vs. bumps and rocks, as long as the plastic doesn’t tear.

  27. Some old carpeting or carpet padding under the plastic would help smooth out bumpy ground. Ask your local carpet store to save some for you after they do a replacement.

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